Welcome to the discordian philosotheque, first of the way

Travel shit. Searching Eris in my pockets. Can't find it. Sad. And so beging my adventure. Do you know dongeon and dragons? Its this thing about blobs of plastic, paper and penciles. Oh and you also have collective alucinations about making up adventures. Well, I made a real adventure for myself. When I am tired of sitting on the philosotheque master chaire, I get out searching for the foot prints of Eris. Fun video about Eris : Shit video . Anyway, there is a large world out there. Sometimes I find other explorers. I rarelly speak the same language. Just learning the language of the Principia discordia took some time. With everybodys variations, it becomes a nightmare really quick. But some time, I slow down and try to understand.

Each discordian entity has a way of doing things. The other day I came across an atext about activisme. It had this thing about subcultures and said that the root of discordianism is all these ideas that we explore and create. Maybe we don't get attached to much to ideas and that is what make us able to forget the holly wars and just create new cool things. I can say: today was a good day.