Welcome to the discordian philosotheque, first of the way

#discord on maddshark irc for other weird peoples

This place is made by the hands of gods. It follow's the principle that everything must be applied to everything just to see where it leads us. For example, how gamification is applyed to everything even to the creation of itself. That sounded like chain letters and viruses or how religions fail to keep themself secret by copulating to much. But I'm no pope of any religion whatsoever so I can't really say much on that subject. Keep your childrens out of my plane plane plane driveway.
The philosotheque manifesto

"Also redirects to homepage if you refresh too quickly" What? o_U

The re-public library, its like star wars with books.
Read this if you want :)

Principia discordia shit website
Principia discordia shit book
Principia discordia shit amateur book
Principia discordia shit amateur amateur book
Principia discordia forums, or how to forget how to spell
If you ever see one of these, please don't read. That makes me happy :)

Ok, all of this is good shit and whatever but why are my pockets empty right now? You know, empty like my brain can be some times? I don't know how to tell you this but I have money on my mind and in my pocket but sometimes it feels so empty! Its like a big bowl of icecream that you don't want to eat. Empty for you.

But experience is overated. Rocks don't care about how you feel about a book, so why write an other book? Do you want to confuse rocks but trying to explain to theme that book and books have different meanings? Anyway, all books are the same, the proof : for all possible paire of book formed from the set of all books we can assume that book == book and so they contain the exact same information. I just saved you lots of numbered paper that you would have used on med books.

Ok, from here on, you have multiple collections you can go to, but please just get out.
The zen collection
Eris collection of adventures
The horror collection
Punk is (not from me)
Shit about how you act
The get the fuck out and why are you still reading collectshit

I have a nice collection of colors and I don't see theme as tables, I see them as colors.

This is a template for a paragraph Test sock, don't read, oh and don't forget to change the color :)